Aluminium box - big


Aluminum portable, resistant to rust even in long-term wet environments. Ideal for transferring champagne.

Portable for Ponio things - aluminum can with a diameter of 8 cm. With author's print by Lenka Cibulková.

The higher portable is an ideal hiding place for the XL massage cube, it can also hold soap cut in half. The lid is twisted. Last photo - comparison of smaller and larger portable. Handle the Carrier with emotion, do not use brute force. If possible, allow the soaked items on the road to dry before closing the Carrying Case.

For compact transfer of 30g and 60g champagne and massage cubes, a smaller Prenoska is suitable.

Print versions: see offer - 5 motifs or without print

The prints are with an additional surface treatment of the lamination, increasing its resistance of the label to abrasion.

 Size: 81 mm x 37 mm

Note: In some photos, the label is affixed to the lower Carrying Case (only to illustrate the design of the sticker), do not let it get confused - after ordering this product, we will send you the correct Carrying Case (higher).

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