Orange & eucalyptus - natural deodorant


My personal favorite at the moment - a sweet-cooling combination of orange and eucalyptus, softer, suitable for both women and men. An alternative for those who don't like lemon grass or tea.

Basic information:

TYPE natural deodorant, not an antiperspirant
yes (natural essential oils)
TYPE AND INTENSITY OF FRAGRANCE sweet orange and eucalyptus, medium intensity
women, men
65g / 44ml

vegan product

100% compostable packaging

do not use in case of allergy to any of the ingredients contained in the product

Natural deodorant with essential oils of sweet orange and eucalyptus. The scent is among the more volatile among deodorants - fruity-fresh.

The deodorant does not prevent natural sweating, but its antibacterial effect prevents the decomposition process of sweat and thus also unpleasant odors. The mechanism is push-out (not twist). Gently rub the armpit under the armpit several times so that it starts to melt and only
the necessary amount so that you do not have too much of it and do not endanger your clothes (especially just after application). The extrusion process is reversible, so if you pull it out too much, it can be returned by tapping on a hard surface (eg a table), do not use pressure from above, otherwise you will ignite it.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate), Cocos Nucifera Oil (coconut oil), Helianthus Anuus Seed Oil (sunflower oil, SK), Hydrogenated Cetyl Olive Oil Esters (olive wax)E, KaolinE, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil and Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (olive  butter)E, Olea Europaea Oil (olive oil), Helianthus Annuus Wax (sunflower wax)E, Diatomaceous EarthE, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil (essential oil - sweet orange), Eucalyptus Globulus Oil (essential oil - eucalyptus), Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract (rosemary extract), Limonene*, Linalool*, Citral*
E Ecocert ; * occurring naturally in essential oils

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