Deodorant - refill / the different types of 44ml


Have you missed the deodorant and don't know what to do with the packaging? Fill it up!

Basic information:

TYPE natural deodorant, not an antiperspirant - refill
various - according to the offer

replenishment of empty packaging

44ml (approx. 65g deodorant with soda, approx. 60g deodorant without soda)


do not use in case of allergy to any of the ingredients contained in the product


Deodorant refill - without packaging, which you can use in several ways:

  • filling the packaging from Ponio deodorant, or any other (thoroughly washed beforehand) deodorant - you can slightly warm the deodorant (to soften it only to the consistency of the dough) and press e.g. spoon
    into the container / tube or completely dissolve it in the liquid state (in a water bath, to the slightest degree on the plate, in the microwave for a few seconds ...) and pour into the container / tube. CAUTION - melt the deodorant only enough to be poured, do not heat it too much, the effective and treating layer could settle unevenly. Stir the cartridge continuously to prevent this. Also expect that the deodorant pushed into the tube without dissolution will have a softer consistency than the melted and poured deodorant.
  • use without packaging - if you do not have a suitable tube / packaging, you can use the deodorant simply by holding it in your hand (as a massage cube) - the deodorant can be handled without pouring it into the
    packaging. In this case, store the deodorant in anairtight container (eg Prenoska) and always use it from one side (to prevent it from drying out and to spread well, you can drip it with water when using it for easier application).
  • consistency adjustment - if the consistency of the deodorant does not suit you, you can dilute it with any fine, odorless oil in the ratio oil: filling = 1: 4-6. You can add odorless filling with essential oils according to your own needs - choose low concentrations of approx. 1% of
    essential oils and choose quality essential oils, I recommend from Hanus.

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